Today's Blog: Visual aids in the English classroom

Over the last few weeks, Ticking Mind has been visiting dozens of schools to run workshops for Year 12 students as they prepare for their upcoming English exam. As we've done so, we've peaked inside classrooms and seen a huge range of ways teachers enhance students' understanding of concepts through visual aids. Here's a look at four we particularly liked. We encourage all of you reading this blog to email us at with pictures of your own visual supports in your classrooms.


Poster of passages from a text:

This is from Alexandra Secondary College where the Year 12s are studying . Teachers photocopied the entire play and stuck it on the wall at the back of a class. It fitted into a surprisingly small area. Students were then regularly encouraged to annotate the text with interpretative statements and read the comments others had made. This could easily work with longer print texts just by photocopying a selected range of important passages - or by printing out stills from film texts. 


 Essay leader board:

This is from Marist-Sion College in Warragul. The entire roll of student names from Year 12 was put onto a publicly displayed star chart recording how many practice essays they had written. Students at this school became quite competitive about getting stars next to their name.


 Exam show bags:

At Mornington Secondary College, students were tremendously excited to get 'show bags' which included a practice exam along with stationery.



 Lotus theme chart:

Students and teachers at Scoresby Secondary College covered entire walls of their classroom with lotus theme charts which involved students identifying and analysing evidence which manifested important themes in the text. They even renamed the classroom as room '101' 


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