Today's Blog: Word Portraits

One thing that we should always be striving to achieve in our English classes is to instil our students with enthusiasm to create pictures with words - the act of sculpting and crafting a sentence until it's just right. Word Portraits is an engaging creative activity to re-inforce the idea for students that words create pictures - telling us things that actual pictures don't always show. Below is an example of a word portrait.

A Word Portrait consists of an interesting picture (usually of an object that provides a good potential source of description such as the one above), plus words (1-2 sentences) which are mapped out on the picture in a way that their meaning connects to the image element they describe. Students aren't doing much writing in this activity - but they're taking pride in producing well sculpted words. The Word Portrait above was made by copying and pasting an image into a Word document, and then simply inserting (and rotating) text boxes around the image to write the words. You can find a Word document with six interesting picture on separate pages here. Students can select one, and after seeing the example of the above Word Portrait, can create their own.

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