Today's Blog: Comparing and contrasting genres

Coming up soon we'll be running our workshop on 'How to teach genre units for compare and contrast writing at Years 7-9' which will look at genres such as fairytales, science fiction, fantasy, horror and hero journey texts. This workshop will look at texts to compare and contrast and places to source texts - particularly short texts such as short films and stories. One of the genres apart from the ones already mentioned that this unit will focus on is poetry - and how poetry can include ideal short texts to compare and contrast because of the way poetry texts can explore (in a short amount of text) the same idea in dramatically different ways or with different techniques. One of the sources for poems to compare and contrast we'll look at is the Poetry Foundation: The advantage of this site is that it includes an excellent search engine to search poems by a theme. Using their search menu we can search for poems about topics such as coming of age, gender or war and conflict (along with a whole range of other specific themes) and from the results put together four or five poems on the same theme for students to compare and contrast. An example of poems sourced from this site are William Henley's poem 'Invictus' with Maya Angelou's poem 'Still I rise': both are about overcoming obstacles, but there are some interesting differences in how they discuss this common theme. Find a copy of the poems here.

For a range of other ideas like this, come along to our workshops in the next few weeks about comparing and contrasting specific texts or teaching students general compare and contrast writing skills. Find the workshops in our Term 2 calendar here.

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