Today's Blog: Do We Live In A Disconnected World?

It's been a while since we've shared a short video on our blog. This week, this satire of our mobile phone use from the American talk show Conan caught our attention:

*Note: If you watch through this video with students, you may want to stop it before the final, comic sex simulation.

Understanding how satire is used to critically examine our world is an important part of English in the Australian Curriculum - but one we don't often explore in our English classrooms where we typically tend to favour studying 'straight' drama texts. We could ask students to respond to the above video in a number of ways which connects to the Australian Curriculum and - for Victorian teachers - either the capabilities in the new Victorian Curriculum or the new emphases in the VCE English Study Design. Here are some suggestions about tasks we could give to students after watching this video:

*Analytical response asking students to focus on a technique as they now need to in the new VCE English study design: 'Guiding Hands' is a satire because we recognise in it a truth about how we behave. Discuss.

*Personal/critical response drawing from the 'critical thinking' capability of the new Victorian Curriculum: To what degree do you think 'Guiding Hands' offers a valid criticism of our world?

We'll be sharing more ideas like this at our upcoming workshop on Planning For The Implementation of The New Victorian Curriculum and The New VCE English Study Design at Years 7-10. Find a full description of the workshop on our Term 2 PD page here.


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