Today's Blog: Creative Writing - Problems and Solutions

Rubrics are fantastic for providing feedback to students and for evaluating student work at the end of a unit. They are also time intensive to produce and to use. An alternative and more efficient option to use early in a creative writing unit is a skill checklist such as this one here:

This tool (download it as a pdf here) allows you to quickly assess what students are doing as a class. Ideally, you would use it after students do either:

a) An initial 'baseline' creative task

b) Produce an initial draft of their creative piece

With this checklist, evaluation is minimal. Students are either doing something or they are not. However, there is a middle column 'BNS' (But not successfully) which you can use to keep track of whether students are doing something (like paragraphing), but not quite correctly.

To use this checklist, look through every student's work, but rather than giving each student a ticked off sheet back, keep a tally of every student's performance on the one sheet. That way, at the end, you will be able to see clear trends in what students are or aren't doing. 

Once you know where the problems are, you can select improvement strategies to work on with your students. Attached here are a whole range of activities and strategies you can use in class depending on where the problems are in your student writing.



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