Today's Blog: Status Jealousy

We like this great little short about how seeing all the interesting lives people seem to be living because of their Facebook updates can make us feel somehow that we're lesser people.



Watch through it with students and then ask them to discuss with each other (and then as a class): Is this a realistic scenario? Do people actually get destructively envious of each other because of their Facebook status updates? Research suggests, sadly, that the answer is yes. After you've discussed students' initial perceptions of the film as a class, read through with them the attached illuminating news report 'Behind The Facebook Fantasy'.

After students have read this article they can reflect on how their own personal experience of interacting with Facebook compares with what the article says. Students can then practice their summarisation skills by using these scaffolds to write about both the film and the article:

What's On Your Mind - a short film about a man who.... - may initially seem...But its message actually....A recent news story, 'Behind The Facebook Fantasy,' reported that.... Furthermore....and....It seems that the truth is that Facebook can be....

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