Today's Blog: Multimodal Texts

A multimodal text is any text which combines two or more of these communication modes: written word, dialogue, sound, music and visuals. Film is a multimodal text that we often study in schools, but the web now provides us with a plethora of other opportunities to study digital multimodal texts. Here are two interesting ones:
  • The Boat by Nam Le: Nam Le's The Boat has been turned into a visually and aurally arresting multimodal text by SBS. Students don't need to read through the whole text but can analyse a section of it (i.e answer the question: How does the multimodal presentation of The Boat heighten it's presentation of hardship as a theme?).
  • Inanimate Alice: When Inanimate Alice came out several years ago, it was a groundbreaker in terms of interactive multimodal texts. This story, with episodes that follow the growth of Alice from ages 8 to 16, has been taught and studied in primary and secondary schools around the world. A new episode has been added this year and it comes with many teaching resources. Check it out here:
For more suggestions about great short texts to engage students with reading, come along to: How To Teach Students To Understand What They Read. Find out all the details about the workshop here.

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