100 Great Strategies To Effectively Teach Texts

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At the core of the English classroom is reading and responding to texts. It’s the bread and butter of the English teacher’s day to day job. And the thing is, we can easily begin to do it in an uninspired way. 100 Great Strategies To Effectively Teach Texts is ideal for the new English teacher seeking ideas on how to teach novels and films or for the experienced teacher looking to refresh their practice. This comprehensive resource, which comes with dozens and dozens of photocopiable/printable handouts for instant use in the classroom, features chapters on: engaging students with texts; building students’ familiarity with texts; supporting students to analyse the text; building students’ capacity to respond to a text and creative text response options. Each chapters is filled with different strategies – from different learning styles, and from different levels of Bloom’s taxonomy – to achieve specific purposes.

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