How to create a feedback rich VCE classroom in every subject area (recording)

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This resource package includes a link to a recording and a copy of the PPT for this workshop:

There are as many opportunities for providing and utilising effective feedback in the VCE classroom as there are minutes in a session. Why, then, do students regularly report that they don’t get enough feedback and teachers continually complain they don’t have enough time to give it and that students don’t listen when it’s given anyway? This workshop looks at what actually constitutes feedback, what makes it meaningful and what are the roles of teacher, student and peers in the feedback process in the VCE classroom. Further to this, the workshop will model a range of practical ways we can create a feedback rich classroom: how we can plan learning experiences around the provision of effective feedback, harness and improve the quality of peer and self feedback, and sharpen our own teacher to student feedback skills.