How to design senior compare and contrast units that nurture deep understanding of texts and insightful writing (PD recording))

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This resource includes a recording and a copy of the PPT and handouts for this workshop:

This workshop is designed in particular for teams of teachers (preferably at least two) from each school to attend in order to develop a compare and contrast unit which they can implement from the end of Term 2 (However, individual team members can still attend). This workshop will begin by sharing examples of quality compare and contrast writing, breaking these examples down into individual features and then share strategies that teachers can implement in order for students to be able to write at this level. Teachers will be shown how text knowledge and analytic skills can be progressively introduced and mastered by students over the course of a unit. Teachers will be given examples of weekly and individual lesson plans and then allowed time to work on each stage of their own units with the assistance of the presenter. By the end of this workshop, teachers will have created a substantial unit plan which they can implement in their own school and which can drive high level student think and writing about pairs of texts.