High Impact Teaching Strategies For English Graduate Teachers (PD Recording)

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This resource includes a recording and the PPT for the following workshop:

This workshop will equip English graduate teachers with essential, evidence based strategies that can be used in every 7-12 English classroom. In particular, this session will look at:

*Lesson planning, structures and routines: Teachers will be given models and examples about how to structure units, weekly learning and lesson learning, including establishing effective unit and lesson goals, and using routines to structure learning within lessons.

*Explicit instruction and modelling: Teachers will be given a range of practical strategies to explicitly teach and differentiate reading and writing.

*Metacognition and thinking routines: Teachers will be given strategies to help students develop thinking routines to brainstorm and refine ideas.

*Collaborative strategies: Teachers will be given strategies for effective group work in the English classroom.

*Feedback: Teachers will be given strategies to make their feedback timely and constructive.