How To Teach…Advanced Students In English

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Meaningfully extending stronger students can often seem a more daunting task than supporting weaker students. This book, for teachers of Years 9-12 English, goes beyond the entrenched paradigm that seeks to respond to the needs of advanced students in English by simply giving them more work or harder work. What is it that we do in English that really marks the difference between more sophisticated efforts and weaker pieces of work? How To Teach Advanced Students in English looks at the level of abstraction involved in typical tasks we do in reading and responding to texts, writing about ideas and producing persuasive and creative texts. The book gives a comprehensive range of activities that challenge stronger students to think and write in ways that move beyond the concrete, obvious and small picture, to the more insightful, abstract and bigger picture. Additionally, this text also looks at numerous activities that extend stronger students by requiring them to more actively experiment with the structures, words and style of the writing they produce.

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