How To Teach…Shakespeare

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Believe it or not there’s more than one way to skin a cat – and there’s more than a few ways to teach Shakespeare. Of course you can read through a whole play, like Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar and teach it as a text response. This book has some great strategies for keeping students on track as they read through a whole play and gives ideas for activities to help students articulate more complex ideas on it once they’ve read it. But this book looks at other ways of teaching Shakespeare as well, such as using some of his characters’ iconic speeches for analysing persuasive techniques; or looking at the creative process Shakespeare went through in adapting sources for his plays as models for students’ own creative efforts; or looking at Shakespeare as an inventor of words and his place in the history of English; or just messing around with sonnets. Refresh your approach to teaching Shakespeare by taking a look at this book.

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