Key strategies for improving student writing outcomes at Years 5-10 (PD recording)

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This resource includes a recording and copy of the PPT and handouts for this workshop:

This workshop will look at the three central elements of effective writing instruction and resources and strategies that can be used to implement each of these elements:

  • Teach vocabulary effectively: Vocabulary instruction should allow students to understand how words operate in context with other words and to equip them with skills to make a nuanced choice of words.
  • Model both whole text level and sentence level features: Students need to understand both how to structure a whole text and the most appropriate ways to structure sentences within that text.
  • Design writing tasks that allow students to focus on specific skills and receive and act on rapid and constructive feedback: Feedback is vital for improvement in writing. If we don’t think about how students will get and act on feedback, all we are doing is assessing them.