How to prepare students for the VCE Unit 3&4 Literature Exam (PD Recording)

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This resource includes a recording and the PPT for the following workshop:

This session will take teachers through practical revision strategies they can use with their students to help them study for their exam. It will look in depth at Section A: Literary Perspectives, demonstrating revision strategies teachers can use to prepare students for exam style literary perspective topics and how to teach them to understand, plan and write effective responses to them. For Section B, the workshop will look at how to improve students’ capacity to identify literary features of set passages and to plan responses to these under exam conditions, as well as in general how to recall, link examples from an entire text and develop an interpretation of it. The workshop will share a range of rigorous activities to engage in in class with students for them to practice skills under exam conditions as well as activities which can also be fun and entertaining. Importantly, this workshop will also demonstrate how to help students create a study plan for their revision period.