How to teach senior students to write insightful text response essays (PD Recording)

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This resource includes a recording and a copy of the PPT for the following workshop:

This workshop will look at strategies and resources for teaching text response essay writing for Year 10 and VCE English Units 1 and 3. It will include:
*Teaching students the structure of a text response essay (and understanding why they can never remember it).
*Developing students’ vocabulary to use in essay writing (including teaching what is analysis, how to write analytically and how to incorporate examples into a paragraph).
*Teaching students to fully understand a text response essay topic and to think as broadly as possible about the types of examples they can use to respond to a topic.
*Teaching students brainstorming techniques to respond to essay topics.
*Teaching students to put their ideas into a structured text response essay plan.
*Teaching students to write about ideas and not just examples.