How To Teach…Students Creative Writing

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Students’ creative writing can often fall down because of a lack of ideas and a poorly designed assessment format that doesn’t really provide them with the best medium for their writing. This book contains dozens of ideas to help students generate plot, character and setting ideas for creative narratives. It looks at how we can teach students about characterisation, narrative structure and improve their writing at a sentence and word level by meaningfully integrating grammar and vocabulary activities. Importantly, How To Teach…Creative Writing also discusses ways students can produce their best creative narrative writing in ways other than simply writing an entire short story. But this book isn’t just about narrative writing. It also includes sections on descriptive writing, a whole range of activities on poetry, a select set of activities on creating picture books as well as tools and techniques teachers can use to improve students’ editing and drafting skills. As always, a comprehensive set of ready-to-go handouts is included with the book that will help students develop many different creative skills.

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