Selected Wordsworth poems and how read them, understand them and write truly insightful analyses on them

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This book, designed for students of VCE English studying Wordsworth poetry, includes 13 of Wordsworth best known poems. The poems are categorised into three thematic groups to support students to understand how they interlink and are visually indexed with theme and symbol icons to scaffold students to identify recurring ideas and images throughout the poems. To help students understand Wordsworth’s poetry and write essays on it for SACs and the Unit 3&4 English exam, this text also provides students with:

  • An introduction to each poem
  • A glossary of unfamiliar language in each poem
  • An analysis of each poem
  • Thinking activities to help understand each poem
  • Writing activities on each poem to develop analytic essay skills
  • Writing activities on groups of poems to develop skills to discuss a range of poems in response to an essay task

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