Smashing VCE: How To Study And Still Have A Life (2nd Edition)

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Smashing VCE: How To Study And Still Have A Life is Ticking Mind’s refreshing new take on study skills which is designed as a resource for students and tool for teachers. The study guide takes students through the ins and outs of what study is, how to set specific study goals, and how to study effectively for each of their subjects in VCE. Written in an engaging tone, the book can be used as the basis for teaching students study skills in their form or tutorial groups sessions or to teach them study skills within specific subjects.

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Smashing VCE: How To Study And Still Have A Life (2nd Edition) offers an engaging, humorous and visual guide to senior Victorian students on how to balance school life and study with actual life. With lots of detailed examples from a range of VCE subjects and plenty of jokes, this book guides students through:

  • What study is
  • How to set effective study goals
  • A whole range of practical study strategies for improving understanding and recall of concepts as well as practising skills
  • How to organise both study and life
  • Information about how theATAR is calculated

Included in Smashing VCE is a study planner formatted to help students plan for doing both homework and study.

This book will be available to order from the end of Term 3 and can be booklisted for 2022.

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