The Practical Teacher’s Thinking and Learning Activity Toolbox

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Do you teach in a subject area where students need to understand procedures and process information? Of course you do – because it’s every subject area.


The Practical Teacher’s Thinking and Learning Activity Toolbox is full-to-the-brim with activities for starting a lesson or unit, supporting students to explore and think about procedures and information more deeply during a lesson or unit, and to help students reflect back over what they’ve learnt at the end of a lesson or unit. The focus in this book is very much on creating independent and collaborative learners and activating students as teachers of each other. The book contains detailed descriptions and examples of a wide range of activities in different learning styles, from different subjects areas, so teachers will easily be able to see how a teaching procedure can be used in their own classroom. And most important of all – it’s practical! Every strategy is a strategy teachers can use instantly in their classroom.

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