Assessment Pack For Revised Unit 4 Presenting Argument Outcome

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The Presenting Argument area of study for Unit 4 of VCE English has now been revised for 2020. Students are now no longer required to complete an oral and you can set students one of three simpler POV tasks (see the official VCAA advice here). This package provides resources to help you explain and scaffold students to complete one of the following three options.

Option What students need to do Ticking Mind Resource
1. A detailed plan of a full length POV
  • Complete a detailed plan for a full length POV about a current issue
  • Explain how the arguments, structure and strategies of the plan will influence an audience
  • A planning document with prompts to help students complete a detailed plan and explanation of a POV piece
  • A example detailed plan and explanation
2. A sample annotated paragraph belonging to a full length POV
  • Complete a brief plan for a full length POV about a current issue
  • Write one paragraph from the persuasive piece
  • Annotate the paragraph with explanations
  • An example brief plan and annotated paragraph
3. A short POV
  • Write a short POV (300 words) in response to stimulus material about a current issue
  • The POV should be written for a specific context
  • A package of stimulus material on six current issues (Wearing face masks, culling brumbies, changing the name of AFL to AFLM, the benefits of continuing remote learning for senior students, pedestrians vs. cyclists)
  • POV instruction sheets for each issue that provide a specific context for students to write their piece
  • An example short POV