How To Teach…Students To Proofread, Edit and Revise Their Work

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Proofreading, editing and revision aren’t the same thing. They’re distinct skills and phases in the drafting process. Often we can use them synonymously in the classroom and be vague about what it is we really expect students to do during the drafting process and how we can help them do it. This book looks at specific strategies for teaching students how to proofread, edit and revise their work. For example, with proofreading, it looks at how we can raise student alertness to high frequency mistakes that can be made in their work; for editing, it looks at building peer capacity to provide constructive feedback; and for revision, it looks at how we can get students to actively experiment with their writing – rather than just tinkering with fixing spelling mistakes and adding the odd piece of detail. This books provides a comprehensive set of drafting strategies and is complete with handouts that are reading to go.

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